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Glasshouse Mountains Abseiling is awesome!

For an amazing adventure, join us for Abseiling in the Glasshouse Mountains.

You'll need to allocate up to 4 hours for this activity (return to the car park). This will allow you plenty of time to walk up the mountain at an easy pace and enjoy 2 full hours of abseiling on the cliff.

All abseils are accessible via walking trails so there’s no climbing involved, just abseiling!

After a short walk up the mountain, we will meet you at the the cliff where we will give you a comprehensive safety brief and equipment familiarisation. You will be personally supervised by the instructor as you complete your abseiling descents. To ensure your safety we always use a belay system and adhere to strict safety rules.

If you haven't had enough after one session; you can opt to stay for an extra session at a reduced cost. Adventure seekers can nominate to abseil the main cliff which is a massive 50 meter drop!

The fine print;

All sessions are 2 hours on site - at the cliff.

We will meet you on site, so that you can walk up the trail at your own pace. Please allow between 30 and 60 mins for the walk so that you can enjoy the scenery on the way.

Option to remain for a second session is subject to availability unless booked prior.

Option to abseil the 50 meter cliff is subject to availability unless booked prior.

The 50 meter abseil is particularly subject to weather conditions as the track can be very slippery after rain.

The actual abseiling location on the mountain may vary due to weather and site conditions.